5 Gifts for the High Tech Pet Lover in your Life

Technology has given us lots of great tools to play with, so why not enhance the lives of pet owners as well?  You probably have someone who is always buying the latest gadgets every year who is always looking for the next big thing, why not surprise them by showing them a new world of tech for pets!

Take a look at these five awesome gifts that both pet and owner will love to have!

1    FitBark

The name isn’t false advertising, the FitBark does a great job at tracking your dog’s activity, heart rate, trends, and comparisons to what other dogs with similar breeds and builds are at.  This is also a great community-building app that allows you show your family and friends how your pet dog is doing, including an easy photo sharing feature built into the app.

2    iFetch

Get ready for the future of dog entertainment.  Do you or your loved ones ever complain about not having enough time to play with their dogs?  iFetch is here to save the day, it’s an automated, interactive, ball fetching machine that disperses little tennis balls all by itself.  You can adjust the iFetch to toss your dog balls at distances of 10-30 feet.  Your dog doesn’t even need to wait for you to refill the iFetch, they can activate it by dropping the balls into the funnel.  This is man’s second-best friend.

3    Electronic SmartDoor

More new tech that makes the jobs as pet owners much easier, the Electronic SmartDoor is programmed to only let in approved pets.  It’s the VIP bouncer of pet doors.  It works via RFID tag that attaches to your pet’s collar, which activates the door as soon as your dog comes within range, then locks back when it leaves.  You can also program the door to only allow your pet to enter or only allow them to exit, which is great for reducing the amount of traffic in and out of your home.  A handy training device for new pet owners.

4    GoPro Fetch

Ever wanted to see the world from your dog’s perspective?  Of course, who wouldn’t want to fly on the back of a rambunctious little furball as they’re fetching Frisbees and chasing people!  GoPro Fetch is a easy to wear harness for dogs to cradle your GoPro camera on them securely and comfortably.  We can see some aspiring home movie directors making good use out of this gift.  Could this spark a new wave of Lassies, Wishbones, or Chances?

5    Whistle

If you’re looking for something that does a little more than act as a FitBit tracker, you might be waiting for the Whistle, a high-tech activity monitor that measures more than distance and heartbeats.  This little collar attachment can actually traces their habits and show you what your dog’s behavior looks like, so that you can see how much activity they are getting throughout the day, not just cumulatively.