New puppy

A New Puppy

So, you are bringing home a new puppy? Adding a new fur baby to your family is such an exciting time. Just as if you were expecting a baby, there are ways you want to plan and prepare for the new addition.

Here are some things you should know to be all set for your new pet ownership journey:

  • Research the breed of your new dog – It’s important to be prepared for how big they can get or if they are prone to any specific medical conditions. If you have children or planning to, this is even a way to determine if a breed would be a good fit for your family.
  • Find a vet – You may not need one right away, but it is always great to have an animal doctor already lined up for your pet.
  • Shots – Know what vaccinations your pup will need before they come home.  
  • Permits – Most states require you to have a pet permit of some kind. Research what those regulations are in your state. Licensing your pet also provides proof that they have been appropriately vaccinated.
  • Microchip – Consider getting your dog microchipped this is the most helpful way to locating a lost dog. The process is quick, painless, and hassle-free.
  • Bedding – Before bringing your tinny fur baby home, create a comfortable space for them. Bedding and maybe even a blanket or two can provide a comfortable cuddly environment for your dog.
  • Toys – Puppies love to play! Have a few ready and available. This also helps them feel comfortable and at home.
  • Food – Getting off to a healthy start with your puppy makes for a healthy grown-up dog as well. Ask your vet what the best food options are for your pup’s breed. Foods with necessary nutrients are what you should look for—proper nutrition help with digestion, healthy weight gain, healthy fur, and dental health.

Also, be prepared. Your new puppy will take a few days to adjust to its new environment. Afterward, its true colors will begin to show. These are the days when you learn its personality. Most puppies are very energetic and adventurous. Be sure to account for the extra time needed to keep them entertained.

After you’ve done the research, puppy-proofed your home, and picked up your furry addition, the next step is just to enjoy your new companion. Having a dog is sure to add a lifelong sense of adventure to your home/life. Always leave room for the unexpected, but the details listed above will provide a great start.