rabbit sniffing a flower

Are Rabbits Good Pets?

I think it’s safe to say that whenever we see rabbits, our hearts warm up a bit, and the “awwww, how cute” reaction is automatic. Kind of like baby fever; we see one and want one. For some of us, the urge passes. This blog goes out to those who can’t shake the want to bring home a furry, cuddly, long-eared pet.

As with any animal, taking care of a rabbit can be a big undertaking depending on your lifestyle. It’s vital to explore the pros and cons when choosing a pet for your home, especially when it’s your first of its kind or even your first in general.

Let’s explore the ups and downs of adding a pet rabbit to your family:


  • Rabbits can live a very long time – Their average life expectancy is ten years.
  • They help teach responsibility – If you have children at home, having a rabbit can help guide them to be more responsible as they grow up. They are pretty sturdy animals, and as your children learn, they can withstand the occasional forgotten meal or playtime in the yard. They are also a good balance of wanting love/attention and also enjoying independent time.
  • They are easy-going – As long as they are given the proper amount of love and attention, they are very docile animals to have around.  When they have what they need to thrive, they adjust very well with your family.
  • Rabbits are relatively quiet – Even when they are making noise, it’s done quietly. Since they are on a regular sleep cycle, you also don’t have to worry about them waking you up at night.


  • Clean-up is time-consuming – They are straightforward to take care of and be pretty independent. Their cages do require cleaning, which can sometimes take a while, especially as they get bigger.
  • They like to chew on lots of things – they are similar to goats in a sense. The only difference is that they won’t swallow everything.
  • Expense – Unless it’s a show bunny or one with a special bloodline, acquiring a rabbit may not cost much. Still, in factoring in cages, supplies, food, and unexpected medical situations, the cost can add up.  
  • They move very quickly – this means if left unattended even for a short time, they could escape and be lost.

  Because rabbits live so long, consider the long-term commitment. Be sure to factor in other pets in your home or other pets that you may add in the future. If you are still on the fence, it could also be helpful to visit a pet store or shelter for some snuggle time with one. That may actually be all you need to get your cuteness fix. However, if you are ready to seal the deal and add a bunny to your family for years of snuggles, we hope you enjoy it!

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