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Benefits of Doggie Massage

Did you know that dogs can benefit from massage just like humans? There are quite a few benefits to letting your dog partake in a massage every now then or even regularly. Massage can provide your dog with advantages like relief from pain, stress relief, and even improved circulation. If your dog has never visited the doggie masseuse then you may just want to consider it after reflecting on these benefits.

Doggie Massage Improves Muscle conditioning

Dogs have muscles like humans and therefore it’s no secret they experience the same muscle ailments as you. From muscle knots, tightness, pain, and numbness, dogs feel it all! Massage works to work through tightness and increase the flow once more of the lymphatic fluids found in the muscles. The increase in fluids can restore your dog to a happy and pain-free state of being. Believe it or not, dogs can also feel increased flexibility and mobility after a massage or a series of massages. Muscle tone may also be improved, too, allowing your dog to move about more freely. This will result in your dog wanting to take part in more rigorous jaunts of exercise, especially if he has been living with a high level of stiffness or uncomfortableness during movement before the massage.

Doggie Massage Provides Stress Relief

It’s hard to believe that our dogs may be stressed out, but dogs do feel stress. Massage make dogs feel better by relieving pent ups stress and anxiety. You’ve heard of endorphins, right? Actually, I’m sure you’ve experienced your body releasing endorphins at one point or another. Just as a brisk walk or a good laugh releases these feel-good hormones, so does a massage. How cool is that? Whether your dog is a nervous nelly on a regular basis or is experiencing stress for some other reason, a massage will relax your pooch, reducing his blood pressure and overall stress levels will decline even after one massage.

Doggie Massage Helps You Notice Signs of Injury in your Dog

If you indulge your dog with regular massages at home or if you leave it to the professionals, you will be able to stay on top of any changes in your dog’s body. If a mass appears or something just doesn’t feel right, you’ll notice sooner than you would have otherwise, most likely. In terms of your dog’s overall health, identifying changes in his body sooner rather than later could literally mean the difference between life and death.

Doggie Massage after Injury or Surgery

Dogs can be rambunctious, which means they are susceptible to injury just like human kids. From broken bones to sprained and tears in the ligaments, dogs can experience it all. Some dogs will have to undergo surgery at some point or another in their lifetime, too. All of the above scenarios mean your dog may be in a world of hurt during a period of recovery. Doggie massage can work to reduce or alleviate pain all together. Dogs that are in the sunset of their lives will most likely experience some level of pain associated with arthritis as well, which may result in much more pain than the stiffness we mentioned earlier in the article. Massage will help your sweet furry senior.

Doggie Massage Can Reduce Toxins in your Dog’s Body

Doggie massage has the power to improved circulation in your dog’s body. It is under these circumstances that healing may occur. This increased fluid flow in your dog’s body is powerful. For example, Blood, water, and Lymphatic fluid that flows through your dog’s body to remove dangerous toxins while helping to build an overall stronger immune system. The immune system is what helps fight off illness and disease.

Are you sold yet? Doggie massage has many benefits to your dog, as you can see. Whether you choose to do the massage at home or enlist the help of a professional, your dog will certainly thank you in the only way he knows how; with his loyalty and love and lots of slobbery kisses. Be sure to always consult a veterinarian after any surgical procedure to be sure your dog is ready for a nice massage.

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