House-Cleaning Tips For Dog Owners

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As any pet parent knows, putting a little extra elbow grease into your cleaning routine when you have critters in the house comes with the territory. But there are lots of ways to make things easier when it comes to removing fur, dander, smells, and saliva from your home. The great news is, doing so doesn’t have to strain your budget. When it comes to owning a dog, cleaning can become a huge task if you’re not sure how to tackle it well. It helps to have a systematic approach to keeping your surroundings clean, as this ensures you’ll stay on top of the situation and spend less money on professional services. Let’s look at some of the ways you can keep your house clean in a manageable and affordable way. 

Develop a System

If you don’t have a workable cleaning system in place, tasks can become overwhelming, and dog-related accidents or stains can become difficult to remove without the help of professional cleaners. To avoid that scenario, this article from Tidy Up suggests cleaning up things like dog drool as quickly as possible. Dog hair is another culprit that plagues dog owners, but cleanup is easier when you use tools like lint rollers and fur removers. Dog dander doesn’t just make a mess; it can also create havoc with those who have allergies, so keep it under control by wiping down solid surfaces regularly and vacuuming carpets or rugs thoroughly. You should also make sure you clean your dog’s accessories such as bedding and food bowls on a weekly basis. 

Use Preventative Tricks

You can reduce the magnitude of cleaning tasks with some prevention. Grooming your dog on a regular basis can cut down on how much hair they are able to shed as well as the spread of dander. If you’re up to it, consider using this guide from Sit Stay to groom your dog yourself. All you’ll need are the right grooming tools and a bit of patience. Even a regularly groomed dog will still shed, so consider spreading towels in the areas your dog loves to spend time so you can easily get rid of the hair on the towel and reuse it. Couch covers are also an effective and convenient way to protect your furniture from dog hair.

One way you can prevent parts of your home from getting covered with tracked-in mud and hair is by training your pooch. For example, if you want them to stay off your favorite sofa, you need to teach them to stay away from it. An effective way to train your dog is by using treats as a means of reinforcement. Of course, you want to select a product that your dog enjoys, as well as one that isn’t high in calories or potentially harmful ingredients. So, dig through some reviews and find a product that your dog will respond to without sacrificing his/her health.

Use Effective Cleaners

In order to make sure your cleaning regimen is effective, you need to use the right cleaning agents, whether you’re cleaning wood, tile, or carpet. When choosing a carpet cleaner, use one that is non-toxic, can remove stains well, and has quality ingredients. In some cases, you can make your own cleaners for your home that are pet safe. For example, baking soda is a great grime remover and deodorizer. Vinegar works well as an all-purpose cleaner, while diluted lemon juice can make a real difference with glass surfaces including windows.

Tackle Odors at the Source

You may want to take a closer look at your dog’s ears and teeth. Cleaning them can cut down on odors. Using baking soda and essential oils throughout the house can help to curb odors, and don’t forget to let in some fresh air every once in a while. In some cases, a persistent odor can be a sign that your dog isn’t well, so make sure to contact a vet if you detect a nauseatingly sweet odor coming from your dog’s ears or mouth. If your dog has particularly offensive breath, he may have a dental infection that needs to be treated. 

Whether you’re new to dog ownership or you’ve had them for a while, you know how hard it can be to keep your house clean. Fortunately, keeping your house fresh doesn’t have to eat up too much of your time and money. All you need to do is take care of the sources of the problems and clean on a consistent basis. Use some of these tricks of the trade to make cleanup much easier. 

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