Photos with your dog

Capturing photos with your dog

Holidays are. Back-to-back until the end of the year and getting the perfect photo op with our pets is high on the priority list. They’re a part of the family, too, right? It can be challenging to capture the perfect moment with our fur babies, like taking pictures with children. Whether you’re on a DIY mission or hiring a professional, here are some tips to secure some great images with your dog.

  • Find ways to capture you and your pet’s relationship – Your pet will feel most comfortable having you around. Taking advantage of that leaves a way for the camera person to get great shots of some of your heartfelt moments.
  • Know your dog’s personality – If you’re hiring a professional, it’s helpful to carve out some time for a meet and greet with your pet. This gives the photographer a chance to get a feel for their personality, which ultimately helps them develop a shot list.
  • Bring on the treats – grab your pet’s favorite snack or toy – it will help keep them focused and excited for the personality shots. Having treats on deck is just a little bribing system. If they see a reward involved, they will be more likely to stay engaged and on task.
  • Use props/costume – Since there are so many fun holidays coming up, fun themes and dress-up helps bring out the authenticity in your images. Halloween is right around the corner, a perfect opportunity to use your fall décor for a backdrop or head to your local pet store to turn your pup into a pumpkin.
  • Take advantage of natural light – If you’re indoors, open up the windows and turn off the flash. The flash sometimes gives your dog those weird red eyes.
  • Get them excited to bring out silly or happy expressions (perky ears, smile)

(Most of these suggestions would also work on other animals if you have something other than a dog.)

If you’re hesitant to go the DIY route and decide to hire a professional, do your research. Choose a photographer who is experienced in pet photography. A professional will know just what to do to get unforgettable images. Don’t be afraid to spend a little time scrolling on Pinterest to spark your creativity. Even if you’re not taking the photos yourself, having a general idea of what you want is always helpful! The most important thing is to have fun with it. Including your pet in the family photo is about making memories.