New puppy

A New Puppy

So, you are bringing home a new puppy? Adding a new fur baby to your family is such an exciting time. Just as if you were expecting a baby, there are ways you want to plan and prepare for the new addition. Here are some things you should know to [...]

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Indoor cat

Indoor vs. Outdoor Cats

Have you ever watched the movie “Secret Life of Pets” and wondered if your cat (pet) is bored out of their minds by staying inside the home all day? While they may not be undercover superheroes or hanging out in the city with their animal friends, they may want to [...]

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rabbit sniffing a flower

Are Rabbits Good Pets?

I think it’s safe to say that whenever we see rabbits, our hearts warm up a bit, and the “awwww, how cute” reaction is automatic. Kind of like baby fever; we see one and want one. For some of us, the urge passes. This blog goes out to those who [...]

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