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“In early 2015, the law firm of Morgan and Morgan filed a class action lawsuit against Purina over ingredients found in its line of Beneful dog food. Despite this lawsuit, and the thousands of complaints of kidney failure that led to it, the products remain available to purchase at a store near you.”

dog food
Quick Guide

In 2016, went on a quest to find which commercially available dog foods have quality ingredients. They spent over 1,400 hours researching more than 2,000 formulas to compile a list of the best ones:

“After reviewing all 2,223 formulas, we ended up with 134 dog food formulas — manufactured by 29 brands — that we confidently recommend.”

10 of Our Favorite Dog Food Brands

  1. Orijen
  2. ACANA
  3. Eagle Pack
  4. Fromm
  5. Nature’s Logic
  6. Stella & Chewy’s
  7. Wysong
  8. Pinnacle
  9. Primal
  10. Hi-Tek Naturals

See the complete list here and find out if your brand is on it: Best Dog Foods

NOTE: If you decide to change your dog’s food, remember to transition from the old diet to the new one in stages to prevent an upset tummy.  Also, the guide to shock collars for dogs mentions that you should avoid starting new foods at the same time as the collar, since very poor reactions have been observed when you do that. Start by replacing about 25% of the old food in your pet’s meal with the new diet. Feed that mix for a few days. Next, feed a 50/50 mix then go down to a mix of 25% of the old food with 75% of the new formula. Finally, transition to 100% of the new diet. If loose stool occurs, cut back on the amount of new food in each meal until stools are normal then proceed. As always, if diarrhea, vomiting and/or lethargy occur, consult your veterinarian.

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