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Halloween and Your Dog

It’s an exciting time this week as we get ready for costumes and candy! Are you bringing your dog(s) in on the festivities? While it may have been fun scrolling on Pinterest for dress-up ideas over the last few months, it’s also important to consider safety.

Halloween can be an interruption in your pet’s routine that they are not used to, so it may take a few steps to get them acclimated. From candy safety to costume to decorations, here are some things to keep in mind if your dog will be joining you for Halloween activities.

Candy –

Candy is probably the most exciting part of Halloween for some adults and children alike. Your pup will take notice of your excitement and want to partake. Resist the urge to share your sweets (especially chocolate) with your pet. Gum, which is often artificially sweetened by Xylitol, is also detrimental to your dog. As an alternative, have some dog treats on hand.  

Costumes –

Your dog may be weirded out seeing you dressed up, and if they are not used to wearing clothes on occasion, it will be a little off-putting for them to wear a costume. Try changing in front of them a few times. That way, they don’t leave the room looking completely normal and come back out looking like a strange human. As far as their costume, try it on them and let them go on a walk with it on a few times.


  • It may be best to leave your doggie home for this part.  Even on their regular walk route, all the extra people and sounds could be overwhelming. The usual course will look different to them if the homes are heavily decorated, not to mention the heavily decorated humans!
  • If your family is staying home to distribute candy, be mindful of your dog’s comfort level during all the commotion. The constant doorbell ringing could be bothersome. Provide them with a little bit of extra comfort in a room isolated from the abnormal busyness. If your home is decorated, be sure to keep power cords out of the way and be mindful that pumpkin seeds can upset Fido’s tummy.

Taking some precautions may feel a little like your fur baby is missing out on the fun. There are ways to make sure that is not the case. Dress them up, get them special treats and play a few games. If your family is doing themed costumes, take some group photos. Celebrating is all about finding creative ways to make memories!