Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Last year Americans spent $45.5 billion on their pets for food, vet care, accessories and other products. That’s billion with a “B” folks! Veterinary care can be one of the largest of those pet expenses and the holiday presents many dangers for our furkids. If an accident happens while your regular vet is closed, your only choice is an emergency clinic adding to an already expensive situation. Taking precautions to protect your pets over the holidays will help prevent expensive disasters and spare you a lot of stress and worry. These top five holiday dangers can be easily avoided so you and your pet can enjoy a wonderful season:

Holiday tinsel and ornaments
Holiday lighting and candles
Gift wrap ribbon
Food hazards
Toxic holiday plants

Dietary indiscretion is prevalent this time of year. According to the Pet Poison Help Line, the top 5 most common holiday calls in 2009 all had to do with pets eating something that didn’t agree with them:

Mistletoe and other holiday plants
Duraflame logs

Another way to reduce stress over Christmas is to maintain the normal schedule as much as possible. Pets are creatures of habit and changes to their daily routine can create anxiety (we furless creatures are often the same way!) Also, spending extra one-on-one time each day goes a long way and is beneficial to both you and your furry friend!

Have a very merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year!!


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