You paid HOW much for that luxury puppy purse?

You paid HOW much for that luxury puppy purse?

As I google “luxury pet accessories” I’m thinking of $2000 designer puppy purses and expensive jewel encrusted collars. Ralph Lauren pops up as the second listing… *click* Ah yes, the $1950 puppy carrier, a couple overpriced leather collars and another carrier for $1800… No, wait… that’s $18,000! My jaw dropped.

Americans are spending more than ever on their pets in spite of a recession. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we spent over 50 billion on our pets in 2011. That number is steadily rising and the American Pet Products Association estimates we will spend about $55.5 billion this year. Big numbers so let’s add a little perspective… that’s more than we spend on coffee and bottled water combined! Americans love coffee but we love our pets even more. There probably is a personal coffee maker for eighteen grand available somewhere but something tells me an $18,000 puppy purse is easier to find.

What is your “pet” guilty pleasure? Expensive food? Luxury dog bed? Designer cat collar? Whatever it is we do for our fur companions, it’s worth it!

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