New pet

New Pet? What Next?

Happy New Year! We hope that your holidays were full of fun with loved ones. This blog goes out to all who received a new pet for Christmas. First, off we want to say congratulations! Whether this is your first pet or just a new addition, they are a wonderful contribution to any family! Studies show that having pets can reduce stress and increase happiness.

Your animal gift may have come as a complete surprise, and you didn’t have much time to prepare.

We wanted to help guide you through a few things to remember when welcoming a new pet into your home. Here are some steps/things to keep in mind.

  1. What did you get? – It’s important to know as much as you can about the kind of animal you have. Knowing things such as climate, behavior patterns, and dietary preferences/restrictions is essential. Online research and consulting your vet are both great ways to obtain the necessary knowledge.
  2. Find a vet. – Research animal doctors in your area. Be sure to confirm if they treat your kind of pet. For instance, animals like Guinea Pigs are considered exotics and are not treated by all veterinarians.
  3. Is your home pet-proofed? – Like baby-proofing your home when you’re expecting, this is also necessary for animals, especially if they will be roaming around freely – see some of our previous blogs for details on toxic foods and other household staples. Also, be sure to create a space for comfort with things like toys or bedding.
  4. ID- It’s a good idea to name tag your pet in some way, mainly for dogs and cats.
  5. Chip or no chip? – Getting a location chip for your pet is exceptionally helpful in instances when they get lost. Speak with your vet or local animal shelter for options.

Exceptional Pet Sitting would love to support your sitting needs. Be sure to also have a groomer on deck to call when needed. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

We are so excited about the new additions to your family and hope you enjoy your new animal adventure!