Pet lover with pet allergies?

Pet lover with pet allergies?

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You are certainly not alone. Many pet owners have allergies to pet dander just as they do to pollen and other allergens encountered on a daily basis. So should you have a pet if you are allergic to pet dander?  That depends, are your allergies so severe making you miserable anytime you’re in the same area as a pet? Even after taking antihistamines? If so, a furry companion is probably not for you. People with pet allergies are not generally allergic to pet hair per se, they have sensitive immune systems that react to pet dander, dead skin cells that shed.

The good news is there are many other species that make great pets. For instance, fish, frogs and small reptiles are good alternatives to furry pets. Beta fish and gold fish are very easy to take care of so perfect for kids. Hermit crabs make interesting pets and some people even have snails! Spiders and snakes are not uncommon pets but may not be for everyone.

There are also a few cat and dog breeds that are mostly hypoallergenic and great for those who have allergies. The article below lists some of the best pets for those with severe allergies:

10 0f the best pets for allergy sufferers

Each of these pets have very low levels of allergen but are not completely hypoallergenic. For people with severe allergies, researching each type of critter is highly recommended and most importantly, consult a medical professional before getting a pet that may cause an allergy attack.

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