Your Pet Sitter Have a Backup Plan?

Everyone gets sick, accidents happen and life gets in the way. What happens when your pet sitter gets sick at the last minute or is in an accident? Is there a backup plan in place so your pets are still taken care of? Who will be there if your regular sitter is suddenly incapacitated? When interviewing a pet sitter, this is a vital question to ask.

Many pet sitting companies have staff with one or two backup pet sitters to cover the primary sitter assigned to a job. Pet sitters who work solo must also have a plan in place in case something goes wrong. A good pet sitter has a network of other pet sitters to call on in an emergency. They communicate and build relationships with local professional pet sitters and cover for each other when necessary. Neighboring pet sitting companies aren’t competition when they work with each other to better the industry. Serving as backups, mentors, and even just friends, sitters form bonds with each other making us all better sitters.

Some pet sitters have family to serve as backup. In fact, many pet sitting businesses are family owned and operated. Both spouses may run the business together doing sits or one spouse runs the administrative part of the business while the other does sits. Either way one is there to cover the other and sometimes adult children are available to help.  Still, a backup is necessary to cover all bases, sometimes your pet sitter and their significant other may take a vacation together. We all need those!

When you’re making plans to travel, be sure to leave emergency contact information for your sitter as well as making sure they have a backup plan in place for the unexpected. As a pet sitter, my job is to make you feel at peace while you are away knowing your beloved pets are well cared for.

Is it dinner time?

Is it dinner time?

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