Pets eat rocks?

Does your pet eat bizarre things? Some pet owners don’t have to worry about their fur kids eating out of the trash or gobbling up inanimate objects, but others have to keep everything out of reach from their chow hound. When your pet eats table scraps, garbage, or spoiled food, also known as dietary indiscretion, they can develop symptoms similar to food poisoning in humans such as vomiting, diarrhea, weakness and lethargy. Sometimes the symptoms pass on their own with rest and a bland diet. More severe or longer lasting symptoms need veterinary treatment as pancreatitis is a major concern with gastrointestinal illness caused by eating spoiled or high fat foods.

Sometimes inedible household items are eaten and intestinal obstruction is a danger. A foreign object can lodge itself in the intestinal track causing blockage and your pet may require surgery to remove it. Socks, rocks, toys, plastic, wood, metal, jewelry, coins, silver ware, and Christmas ornaments are just some of the items pets have ingested, the list goes on and on. Linear foreign bodies like string, ribbon, yarn, and rubber bands can get caught up and stretch or tear the intestines. Cats often play with and eat stringy items so keep them out of reach of your feline family. Go to your vet if your pet is lethargic, has a painful abdomen, is vomiting, having difficulty defecating or has any other signs of illness. X-rays often reveal the offending object. Some of the most amazing things I’ve seen while working for veterinarians are x-rays of foreign objects in the intestines of pets. You can never predict what a pet will eat, take a look at the x-rays here, the belly is full of rocks! I’ always amazed, I bet you will be too!

Dogs eat rocks

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