pup adventures

Pup Adventures

Let’s say yes to more adventures with our pups this year! They enjoy new things too! In the spirit of going into the new year and setting new goals, including your pets in some of those goals is a perfect way for some fun bonding time. As you plan out your annual travel and activities schedule, here are some cool suggestions for doggie adventures.

  1. Pups in the Park (Ballpark) – Most Ballparks hosts an annual themed day for pet owners to bring their dogs to the ball game. Visit your local park’s website for details and dates, and schedule this fun time with your four-legged family member. (Be mindful of your pet’s tolerance for crowds, noise, and other dogs).
  2. Road Trip!!! – Who doesn’t love a good summertime road trip? Plan a short or long drive for yourself and Fido to a favored destination or even somewhere new. Be sure to schedule plenty of stops to avoid your dog getting carsick, plenty of water to keep them hydrated, and if you plan to stay at a hotel, be sure to call ahead to confirm they are pet friendly.
  3. Outdoor movie screening – Dogs often enjoy watching things on the screen, so why not pack your favorite snacks and make an evening out of it?
  4. Doggie & Owner Yoga – Check your local yoga studios or recreational centers and schedule a yoga date with your pup. It’s a great way to relieve stress for you both while allowing some time to bond.
  5. Foster a dog from your local rescue – Are you looking for a pet-friendly way to give back to your community? Fostering is an excellent opportunity to provide some love and safety to an animal in need. If you only have one dog in your home, they would enjoy some short-term company as well.

These are just a few of the many adventurous activities you could plan with your dog this year. You don’t have to do just one! It’s important to know your pet and the things they would enjoy. Planning some fun unique to your home and pet’s personality is also a good idea. So, grab your fur babies and have some fun exploring! The possibilities are endless!