Set a Goal to Walk your Dog this Year

Set a Goal to Walk Your Dog this Year

Have you set a goal to walk your dog more this year? If not, please consider it! January is synonymous for the month of goal setting. These goals often involve health and wellness, so why not include your dog, too? The benefits of walking your dog are many, to both you AND him. Whether you walk your dog yourself or enlist the services of any amazing dog walker like (ahem) like us, your dog will love you for it. The social, emotional and physical rewards will be huge!

Set a goal to walk your dog because it promotes good health. Dogs, like people, stay health by building strong muscles and bones. One way to achieve that is through daily walks. Neglecting to do so will put your dog at risk for premature agility and mobility issues, lifelong diseases and other ailments that will put a damper on his little life. Similarly, dogs that are not walked regularly can be susceptible extra baggage in the form of extra pounds! This puts him at risk of developing cancer, cardiovascular disease, and liver disease. Sound familiar? It should. Dogs often combat the same issues as their human counterparts. Exercise, such as daily rigorous dog walks will help to keep your dog in overall good physical health.

Set a goal to walk your dog because it will reduce problem behaviors. Dogs were born explore, hunt, chase, play! Daily walks tap right into your dog’s most innate needs thereby not only burning off energy physically, but mentally, too. Allowing your dog to meet this often overlooked need will reduce built up energy, tension and anxiety. We all feel better when we get moving, no? Dogs are no different. By relieving that built up tension, dogs will be less likely to try and relieve that tension on their own. By that we mean, barking, aggression, chewing on shoes and windowsills, self-mutilation, poor social interactions and more! A daily rigorous walk will do wonders for your dog’s psyche.

Set a goal to walk your dog because it will improve socialization. Many dogs live their lives and hardly ever leave the confines of their home except for vet visits. Socialization is key to building your dog’s confidence and reducing fear. Dogs need social interaction as much as humans. Dogs that spend time interacting with the world around them are happier, confident and feel as if the world is their oyster! Are you surprised? Lack of socialization results in a fearful dog. Fearful dogs exhibit many problem behaviors and aggression. Problem behaviors often present themselves because dogs lack socialization.

A daily walk can do wonders for your dog. Daily walks make for a happy, well behaved, confident dog. Each point we discussed today relates to the one before it. Dogs needs someone to look out for their overall health. That someone is you!! Be a good steward of your dog’s well-being and begin by setting a goal to allow your dog opportunities for at least one rigorous walk each day. Call on us to support you with walking your dog. We’re not just vacation pet sitters.