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Train Your Dog Month

National Train your Dog Month is Here!

January is synonymous for goal setting and new beginnings so it’s no surprise that January is the perfect month for training! National Train your Dog Month is here!  It’s the perfect time to set some goals to train your dog, right?

How it Began

National Train Your Dog Month was initiated in 2010 by the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT). They had one great goal in mind and that was to highlight just how important dog training and socialization are. While training your dog can seem overwhelming and downright hard, it really doesn’t have to be that way!  APDT says that dog training can be “easy and fun”, too!  Dog training will not only keep your dog safe, but will also make him a welcome addition in social settings. No need to leave your dog at home, just train him up right, friends! 

Safety in and out of the Home

Safety will be less of a concern in and out of the home with a well-trained dog. Some people leave their dog at home because they’re afraid their dog will get hurt and they have every right to be afraid. An ill-mannered dog is more likely to chew on things he shouldn’t, jump on people and animals, run into traffic and more. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but dogs can get can themselves in crazy predicaments, too.  When they are trained and when they’re not, the anxiety around accidents is definitely no laughing matter. Dogs and their humans can be safer when a dog is trained. Face the facts, friends. Accidents involving dogs, in general, are upwards of 86,000 each year. This is relative to injuries involving people and pets! That’s a whole lot of hurt, if you ask me.  A dog that is trained and can mind his manners will be less likely to be involved in situations where he can hurt.

Happy Playmates in Social Settings

A well trained dog makes for a happy dog. Why? Dogs long for connection. Connection with people and other animals is what dogs want. Sound familiar? It should because people want that, too! A well trained dog will be welcome in social settings and make for the best playmate to other people and dogs! Training your dog means he will know just how to interact with humans and dogs alike. The socialization aspect of training will also help to reduce fear in your dog and he’ll exude the confidence he’s meant to and not fear the world around him. Whether you are taking your dog to doggie day care, the dog park or just out with your friends and their kids (and/or dogs), he’ll be happy and accepted if he’s trained.

So, there you have it! Keeping your dog safe and happy are just a couple of reasons to jump on the training bandwagon this month! While January is National Train Your Dog Month, training is always a great idea, no matter the time of year! Well, what are you waiting for?