What is the Pet Oxygen Mask Project?

What is the Pet Oxygen Mask Project?

Exceptional Pet Sitting in on a mission to equip as many fire/rescue trucks with Pet Oxygen Masks (POMs) as possible! This is a nation wide project aimed at equipping every truck in the US and I’d like to do my part here in Texas. All of the fire stations in DFW have them so I looked a little further out of the area for stations in need. I came across a fireman in Rhome, TX (about 50 mi NW of Dallas) and he told me they have one set of POMs but 5 trucks to equip. He was very grateful when I offered to help get the other 3 needed masks! (I already have one set to donate.) Now I’m asking for your help to accomplish this goal. I’ve set up a PayPal account for POM donations, anything will help me help the city of Rhome and will be greatly appreciated! The goal is $225 for three more sets of masks. If you happen to know of a business that might be interested in sponsoring this cause, please let me know.

October is Fire Safety Month and fire safety applies to our pets too. According to the National Volunteer Fire Council, an estimated 500,000 pets are affected by home fires each year. Additionally, “Pet oxygen masks are crucial at the scene of a fire to prevent the harmful effects of smoke inhalation. The access to oxygen can mean the difference of life and death for a pet,” advises Dr. Ernie Ward of Seaside Animal Care in North Carolina.

These facts and more can be found in this article: Fire Safety Month

More about the POM Project: Pet Oxygen Mask Project

Where to donate:

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