Exceptional Pet Sitting is here for your pet AND peace of mind!


Exceptional Pet Sitting in North Dallas (and nearby locations) is a professional pet care company established in 2007, we do what it takes to meet your pet care needs! We are bonded and insured for your protection.


Our pet care services are tailored to your and your pet’s needs. Whether you need daily visits for your fur baby while you are away or midday walks while you are at work, Exceptional Pet Sitting is here for you.


For the safety of the pets in our care we do not offer pack walks. For the safety of our sitters, we do not walk dogs after 9 pm. Our sitters use proper COVID-19 prevention practices as outlined by the CDC. Wearing masks and social distancing are required when meeting clients in person as well as using hand and surface sanitizers as needed.


Damiane has 20 years of combined experience in veterinary medicine and pet care. She is Red Cross certified in Pet First Aid and CPR and is committed to providing exceptional care for your furry family.
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Genuine Love of Animals:

“I’ve had a passion for animals ever since I can remember and not just as loving companions. I wanted to know everything about them, from what they thought and how they felt to why they do what they do. My goal is providing peace of mind by caring for your pets, your home, and all of your possessions!” – Damiane de Wit-Guzman, Owner, Exceptional Pet Sitting in North Dallas and nearby locations.